Top 5

Top 5 There are many reasons to choose Staines-upon-Thames as your business destination, but here are our Top 5 to give you a flavour of what the town has to offer.

Transport links

The UK's only hub airport, London Heathrow, lies only 10 minutes from Staines-upon-Thames, providing businesses with the perfect location to export to foreign markets and to connect with the world's emerging economies.

Heathrow is Europe's busiest airport, handling more international passengers than any other in the world and is responsible for a whopping 78% of the UK's long haul flights. More than 200 of the top 300 companies in the UK have headquarters within 25 miles of Heathrow.

Staines-upon-Thames also has exceptional road links with the M25, M3, M4 and A30 all nearby. The M25, or London Orbital Motorway, chains the town to all corners of Greater London whilst the M4 connects Staines-upon-Thames to Reading, Bristol and Wales to the west and Central London to the east. Going further south, the M3 begins at nearby Sunbury-on-Thames, weaving its way through Hampshire via important business destinations.

Finally, the town's connectivity is enhanced by its high level of rail access with six railway stations in the local area. Staines train station is the fifth busiest passenger station in Surrey. London Waterloo is just 32 minutes travel time from Staines-upon-Thames.

Quality of life

Not only is Staines-upon-Thames the place to do business, it's also a great place to live. The town sits half way between Surrey and London offering the best of both worlds, with a bustling urban town centre situated on the banks of the River Thames with beautiful, green, hidden gems around the Staines Village area. The town has plenty to do, with a cinema, a fantastic retail offering with leading names such as H&M, Topshop and River Island, as well as an abundance of bars and restaurants.

In March 2014, the Office for National Statistics conducted a study to measure the well-being of UK residents by geographical breakdown. Residents were asked to score their levels of life satisfaction, worthwhileness and happiness on a scale of 0-10. For all three categories Staines-upon-Thames' local authority Spelthorne, scored higher than London, Surrey, the South East and UK averages, with scores of 7.73, 7.64 and 7.99 respectively. This study conclusively proves once again that Staines-upon-Thames offers the perfect balance of hardworking business attitude and a high quality of life.

Competitive house prices

Spiralling house prices are one the major issue's facing the UK today, with London acting as the epicentre for the crisis. Housing shortages and increasing demand have caused London property values to rise by a quarter since 2011, with average property values now commanding £512,265 according to Right Move.

Surrey has always commanded a high price for properties due to being one of the UK's most affluent areas, but the boom in London has led to a further rise to already expensive properties. An average property in Surrey will now set you back £430,532, therefore making Britain's main business areas unaffordable to live in for many first time buyers and young professionals.

However, whilst house prices in the rest of the country are soaring at break-neck speed, Staines-upon-Thames properties remain at a far more sustainable level. An average property in Staines-upon-Thames will cost just £287,633 with some areas such as nearby Stanwell commanding as little as £225,140. With just a 3% rise on the previous year, property levels are now coming back down to levels not seen since 2008.

Therefore, the combination of affordable housing, quality of life and short journey times to London are making Staines-upon-Thames not just a place to do business, but also a place for you and your family to live.

Diverse business sector

Another of Staines-upon-Thames' most admired qualities is the diversity in size and number of business sectors represented. From international Oil & Gas giants, air freight and cargo specialists, to smaller independent filmmakers, Staines-upon-Thames offers something for all businesses no matter their size or sector of the economy. According to KPMG, Staines-upon-Thames is the 17th best place in the UK for high tech jobs, putting us ahead of London and consolidating Staines-upon-Thames as a growing hub for business. Many of the world's biggest and most successful businesses already call Staines-upon-Thames home, with the world's 5th largest company BP, being based here since 1917, as well as other big names such as, Dnata, Shepperton Studios, Samsung, Siemens and Wood Group Kenny.

Competitiveness and productivity

Staines-upon-Thames is fiercely competitive. 46.4% of 16-74 year olds are in full time work, the highest proportion in Surrey and our adjoining boroughs, as well as our extremely low unemployment rate of 0.9%. In addition to this, it is estimated that each of our workers contributes £72,438 to the national economy. This fantastic level of productivity shows the committed and hardworking nature of the Staines-upon-Thames workforce giving you the tools to give your business the edge. On top of this, there are a potential 1.21 million people in our connecting boroughs, answering all your employee issues. In 2013 Spelthorne was ranked 13th on the UK Index of Competitiveness jumping 52 places from 65th proving the borough's growing economic influence. Whilst this all shows the robustness of the town, in an ever changing business climate, it is vital to keep looking for that competitive edge. This is why Spelthorne Borough Council are determined to boost the number of apprenticeships and invest in higher education for Staines-upon-Thames and the wider area. By doing this we can build on our existing strengths and prove to potential investors that Staines-upon-Thames can provide a hardworking, well educated, business ready local resource pool.