Wood Kenny offices With more business space per hectare than any Surrey borough there is no better place to grow your business than Staines-upon-Thames.

Staines-upon-Thames offers the perfect mixture of Office and Warehouse space, not to mention our buoyant retail centre serving north Surrey and beyond.

Our business base covers all sections of the economy and is guaranteed to meet your business needs, and with a healthy amount of vacant premises Staines-upon-Thames offers further capacity for growth.

Available premises

The landscape of Staines-upon-Thames is undergoing a radical transformation with fantastic new developments being built throughout the town offering businesses new opportunities to expand. However, with nearly 10% of existing commercial premise currently unoccupied, Staines-upon-Thames also can provide immediate property solutions for any business large or small. Check out the link below to see what is currently available in the town and wider Spelthorne area.

Enterprise M3

Staines-upon-Thames is part of Enterprise M3, the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) area stretching from the town to the New Forest. This area is ranked as the most resilient Local Enterprise Partnership area in England. Spelthorne is recognised as the best connected Borough in the Partnership area. The Partnership seeks to 'drive prosperity in the M3 corridor' and has a common vision for the area to become 'The premier location in the country for enterprise and economic growth balanced with an excellent environment and quality of life'. Enterprise M3 have recognised Staines-upon-Thames as a "step up town," i.e. a town with huge potential for economic growth, and with their support, Enterprise M3 can offer you the business solutions to give you the edge.

Invest in Surrey

Invest in Surrey is a service to encourage inward investment within the county. It is provided by Surrey Connects, who are an independent business-led economic development company supported by the County Council and the 11 districts. The County is already the largest contributor to the national economy outside London however in an increasingly competitive global market, it is vital that Surrey continues to seek further for growth opportunities. Surrey Connects seeks to position Surrey as a world class economy and shape 'a county where knowledge, creativity and innovation drive economic growth to bring prosperity and quality of life for all'. Specifically it seeks to foster 'smart economic growth' which brings innovation and jobs but also maintains the things that make Surrey an attractive location to live and work. Through Invest in Surrey, businesses in Staines-upon-Thames have a window to market themselves to the world.

New headquarter office

More and more investors are quickly realising that Staines-upon-Thames is the premier location for business. That is why a string of world-class commercial developments are growing in Staines-upon-Thames, opening even more doors for enterprise. Some of the most impressive new commercial properties in the town, Strata, Flow and Two Pine Trees can be found in the links below to give you a taste of the changing business feel of Staines-upon-Thames.