Business people Employment is one of Staines-upon-Thames's inherent strengths with 46.4% of 16-74 year olds in full time work, the highest proportion in Surrey and our adjoining boroughs, as well as our extremely low unemployment rate of 1%. In addition to this, it is estimated that each of our workers contributes £72,438 to the national economy. This fantastic level of productivity shows the committed and hardworking nature of the Staines-upon-Thames workforce giving you the tools to give your business the edge. On top of this, there are a potential 1.21 million people in our connection boroughs, answering all your employee issues. In 2013 Spelthorne was ranked 13th on the UK Index of Competitiveness jumping 52 places from 65th proving the borough's growing economic influence. Whilst this all shows the robustness of the town, in an ever changing business climate, it is vital to keep looking for that competitive edge. This is why Spelthorne Borough Council are determined to boost the number of apprenticeships and invest in higher education for Staines-upon-Thames and the wider area. By doing this we can build on our existing strengths and prove to potential investors that Staines-upon-Thames can provide a hardworking, well educated, business ready local resource pool.


One of the biggest problems facing many businesses today is a lack of skills. The governments Apprenticeship's scheme is beginning to address those concerns. Apprenticeships give young people the opportunity to work for a real employer, earn a real salary and gain a real qualification whilst gaining valuable workplace skills and experience. Anyone living in England, over 16 years old and not in full-time education can apply to be an apprentice. Apprenticeships come in a range of subject areas from business and the arts, to engineering and technology, whilst providing candidates with the functional skills and workplace experience to give themselves and your business the edge. Some of the biggest employers in Staines-upon-Thames including Heathrow Airport and Spelthorne Borough Council are embracing apprenticeships, clearly seeing the benefits they are having for young people, but also because they make business sense.

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Staines-upon-Thames is one of the most competitive places in the UK to do business. In 2013 Spelthorne Borough, in which Staines-upon-Thames is the principle town, ranked 13th on the UK Index of Competitiveness. This is due to many interlinking factors.

Firstly, the diversity of the business base in the area allows workers from all walks of life to find employment and with Spelthorne's unemployment rate at just 1%; this has led to a surge in GVA (Gross Value Added) the formula used to measure productivity. It is estimated that each Spelthorne worker makes over £72,000 toward the UK economy. This is a huge draw for investors and developers and is encouraging more and more businesses to move to Staines-upon-Thames. Investments on-going within the town are creating major opportunities for growth whilst providing security for existing businesses and improving the socio-economic conditions for residents providing a higher quality of life.

Resource pool

Staines-upon-Thames is only a stone's throw away from some of the world's leading universities and higher education centres, delivering you some of the best educated and talented innovators right at your doorstep. On top of this we have our very own Brooklands College which has undergone a major revamp in recent times to give local young people the skills they need to get on in life.