Are you are looking for somewhere which, thanks to Heathrow Airport, has 'the world on its doorstep', with access to a worldwide market just a stones throw away?

Are you looking to benefit from businesses links with other like minded companies, from niche creative industries linked to Shepperton/Pinewood Studios to multi-million pound international oil and gas giants such as BP and Wood Group Kenny?

Or are you looking for an area where business enterprise, no matter how large or small, is nurtured and encouraged? Which is in the top 10% nationally for small business start up success, where 95% of those businesses survive and go on to expand?

Incredibly all this and more can be found in Spelthorne and Staines-upon-Thames. As you will see from the internationally renowned companies who have chosen to invest in the area, success breeds success. We are confident that after looking at what we have to offer, any business would be very hard pressed to find a better place to locate their company.  We, at Spelthorne Borough Council, pride ourselves on ensuring that business is at the heart of everything we do, and support those who are willing to take risks and stand on their own two feet. We have a thriving Business Forum which is a true partnership between the Council and local business community.

The jewel in our crown is undoubtedly Staines-upon-Thames, which is at the heart of our vision for economic growth and prosperity of the area. It sits immediately alongside a beautiful and tranquil stretch of the Thames, a natural asset which is probably unique, being only half an hour from central London by train.  I would like to wholeheartedly welcome you to come and see for yourself, before the secret of our success gets out and you find yourself wondering how such an incredible opportunity slipped through your fingers.